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Family Matters

CHILD CUSTODY/ FAMILY LAW INVESTIGATIONS Cloak Investigations is a proven expert when it comes to child custody and family law investigations. Our team of experienced investigators will help you obtain the evidence you need, preparing statements for court and assisting you in liaising with child protection services and police if necessary. When [...]

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What is covert surveillance? Covert surveillance occurs when someone or something is being observed surreptitiously. The work of private investigators has changed little over the past 200 years. Private surveillance; following and documenting the activities of  a person or persons of interest on behalf of a private client, has been a significant aspect [...]

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Rural Surveillance

Here is a fascinating Facebook post by one of Australia’s great rural surveillance investigators based in Victoria. It gives some excellent insight into the challenges of working rural. This lady is a real character and we love reading her posts.  We obtained her permission to share this post with you all. We’re sure city [...]

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