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What is covert surveillance? Covert surveillance occurs when someone or something is being observed surreptitiously. The work of private investigators has changed little over the past 200 years. Private surveillance; following and documenting the activities of  a person or persons of interest on behalf of a private client, has been a significant aspect [...]

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Rural Surveillance

Here is a fascinating Facebook post by one of Australia’s great rural surveillance investigators based in Victoria. It gives some excellent insight into the challenges of working rural. This lady is a real character and we love reading her posts.  We obtained her permission to share this post with you all. We’re sure city [...]

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How To Catch Your Stalker

There is a human predatory sub-type called ‘the stalker’. These are angry, often sociopathic, deluded and outright creepy individuals who, through a variety of devious means, successfully intimidate, threaten and otherwise torment the object of their attention. Fortunately, anti-stalking legislation exists to deal with stalkers but the tricky part is catching them. By it’s [...]

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Everyone Wants To Be A PI

When you tell people you’re a Private Investigator, you generally hear one of four things… “I would make a great PI. I’m really observant.” “I didn’t know PI’s existed in real life. I thought it was just a TV thing.”  “Are you wired?”  “Can you bug my ex wife’s house?” Because most people live [...]

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