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The Aussie Private Investigator

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Private Investigators are the Indiana Jones’ of information gathering, except instead of tracking down and retrieving ancient artifacts, we locate and obtain any information that you want/need. In reality, the majority of PI’s are more like librarians than intrepid action heroes. Yes, we can locate and retrieve information [...]

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Tips For Hiring A Private Investigator

Choose the right PI Chances are there are dozens of PI’s advertising their services in your local area but not all of them will be suitable for your investigation. Try to find a well-established agency that holds appropriate licensing and specialises in your area of investigation. Do your own bit of detective work before [...]

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Workplace Investigations

WORKPLACE BULLYING AND HARASSMENT INVESTIGATIONS WHY INVESTIGATE? Times are changing. Business operators must investigate allegations of workplace bullying and harassment and take decisive action. Those who ignore complaints or fail to deal with them appropriately may find themselves defending costly legal action or being audited and fined by the Fair Work Commission [...]

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Mystery Shopping

Our expert team of Retail Consultants and undercover Mystery Shoppers is available on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to help you improve and manage customer service and efficiency within your business. Our Mystery Shoppers will evaluate customer service through all stages of the sale from the initial greeting as customers walk [...]

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Family Matters

CHILD CUSTODY/ FAMILY LAW INVESTIGATIONS Cloak Investigations is a proven expert when it comes to child custody and family law investigations. Our team of experienced investigators will help you obtain the evidence you need, preparing statements for court and assisting you in liaising with child protection services and police if necessary. When [...]

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Celebrities and VIP’s

DISCRETE INVESTIGATIONS FOR CELEBRITIES AND VIP'S Cloak Investigations is an Australian-based private inquiry agency offering specialist investigative services tailored to high profile individuals and their representatives. We understand the difficulties encountered by those in the public eye when dealing with private matters such as infidelity, divorce, child custody and stalking. These are difficult [...]

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Skip Tracing

SKIP TRACING Our experienced person locators and process servers have a proven track record in difficult and long term Skip Tracing matters. We have had tremendous success on behalf of clients seeking debtors. In the past year, we have successfully located two long term debtors in separate cases. Both debtors had successfully evaded [...]

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What is covert surveillance? Covert surveillance occurs when someone or something is being observed surreptitiously. The work of private investigators has changed little over the past 200 years. Private surveillance; following and documenting the activities of  a person or persons of interest on behalf of a private client, has been a significant aspect [...]

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Rural Surveillance

Here is a fascinating Facebook post by one of Australia’s great rural surveillance investigators based in Victoria. It gives some excellent insight into the challenges of working rural. This lady is a real character and we love reading her posts.  We obtained her permission to share this post with you all. We’re sure city [...]

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How To Catch Your Stalker

There is a human predatory sub-type called ‘the stalker’. These are angry, often sociopathic, deluded and outright creepy individuals who, through a variety of devious means, successfully intimidate, threaten and otherwise torment the object of their attention. Fortunately, anti-stalking legislation exists to deal with stalkers but the tricky part is catching them. By it’s [...]

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