Private InvestigationsWhat is covert surveillance? Covert surveillance occurs when someone or something is being observed surreptitiously.

The work of private investigators has changed little over the past 200 years. Private surveillance; following and documenting the activities of  a person or persons of interest on behalf of a private client, has been a significant aspect of a private investigator’s job description since  Eugene Francios Vidocq opened the first private agency in France in 1833.

And while PI’s are generally no longer ex-convicts, as they were in Vidocq’s day, the practice of manned mobile surveillance has remained a popular activity for intelligence gatherers. Why? simply because there is no better way to gather reliable information about a person’s movements and activities than with an experienced, licensed surveillance operative out in the field.

Common reasons to conduct surveillance

Child Support Matters: Cloak Investigations has conducted countless surveillance operations in the area of Child Support. Our operatives have caught hundreds of child support cheats. In the majority of cases, the evidence from covert surveillance was enough to convince the Child Support Agency to investigate and change the child support assessment to better reflect the cheat’s true financial situation. For many our client’s, this represented a significant financial gain over time.

Cheating Partners: Cloak Investigation’s surveillance specialists spend a good amount of  time investigating suspected cheating partners. We gather enough video and photographic evidence to help our clients make an informed decision about where they stand in a relationship.  Often if we have identified that a partner is cheating, we are asked to identify the ‘other person’ for our client.

Workplace Surveillance: Cloak Investigations has conducted hundreds of covert surveillance operations in the workplace. Our clients are employers who suspect a worker  is fraudulently taking sick days, stealing products or intellectual property, working for the competition or fraudulently claiming WorkCover. Our workplace investigations specialists are trained to find out the truth and gather sufficient evidence to help our clients take action.

Surveillance for Celebrities: For those who need the highest level of confidentiality, Cloak Investigations is able to make discreet enquiries about sensitive matters in accordance with our rigid privacy policy. We have conducted many investigations for high profile clients. In these cases, clients deal directly with the directors of Cloak Investigations.

Because of the nature of our work, we often end up working with highly sensitive material that will be treated in the greatest confidence. A good private investigator will work diligently to get you the answers you require, quickly, accurately and affordable.